Welcome to Global Market Activation

 We provide complete marketing solutions for global clients: attracting new customers, growing present ones, creating awareness etc via connected multichannel solutions, customer engagement and marketing training. We excel within four key areas:


    ​Want to pass your own boundaries and explore what lies beyond?
    Then let us help you on the way. We are keen on seeing you succeed.


    We create state-of-the-art marketing communication matched with high levels of professional service for mid-sized and large companies.


    Customer care is essential for ensuring long-term revenue growth. We identify your most valuable customers and ensure their satisfaction.


    Our strategic channel marketing expertise enables us to deliver aligned channel marketing planning. All in order for you to achieve your channel goals and objectives.

We continually develop our marketing portfolio in keeping with our core values of connecting businesses with their customers.

Who We Are

Sabine Sorensen works collaboratively with clients and partner brands to develop marketing, brand positioning, brand extension, merchandising and especially market entry strategies that lead to lasting competitive advantage and shareholder value for her clients.

Global Brand Activation is a niche personal company that aims to add value and create ideas that challenge brands and give them an opportunity to think out of the box developing their vision for new business strategies.